Advent Calendar | Day 24

December 24, 2020

Advent Calendar | Day 24

They wanted to talk about them before closing the advent calendar and offer you a great gift tomorrow morning. We present you the Christmas elves!

Let yourself be lulled by the story they will tell you.

The origin of Christmas elves

Long ago, the Scandinavians thought that we leprechauns, protected their house from evil if they were good, and became mischievous if they were bad.

The belief of trolls and goblins was then very strong.  We were left a bowl of porridge at the doors of the houses so that we would not bring nightmares or so that we would not tangle the hair while everyone was asleep !

Over time, the writers told how the goblins connected with Santa Claus to celebrate Christmas and help him make and distribute the gifts they bring to the children on Christmas Eve.

We have a lot to do! We need to take care of Santa’s reindeer, keep the sleigh in good condition so it’s ready to fly away for the gift tour, and most importantly, keep Santa’s address well hidden.

We also keep an eye on each child to write a report to Santa so he knows who deserves a gift. We are, in a way, Santa’s secret agents ! 

And this year, the Residence de la Corderie Royale has recruited us to help them develop a special Advent calendar just for you !

Join us tomorrow for one last surprise ! (and not the least !)

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